Congratulations, and welcome to the 11th Annual Asheville Comedy Festival! 


Aaron Naylor

Aiko Tanaka

Andy Gold

Ari Mannis

Atsuko Okatsuka

Austen Silver

Brian King

Brian Parise

Caitlin C. Peluffo

Chase McNeill

Dan Perlman

Danish Maqbool

Daphnique Springs

David Perdue

Dino Vigo

Erin Ingle

Erin Maguire




Hilliary Begley

Holly Lynnea

Ian Aber

Isaac Hirsch

Jamie Ward

Jason Banks

Jeff Zenisek

Johnny Taylor

Katie Nguyen

Katie Que

Lauren Faber

Mark Chalifoux

Marla Schultz

Mary Patterson Broome

Matt White

Mekki Leeper

Melissa Diaz

Mike Paramore

Naomi Karavani


Natalie Holt

Paul Ogata

Raj Suresh

Reid Clark

Rich Kiamco

Rick Matthews

Rick Younger

RJ McCarthy

Rob Christensen

Sagar Bhatt

Sean Finnerty

Sheba Mason

Shereen Kassam

Tiffany Barbee

Tom Eschelman

Tracey Carnazzo

Travis Irvine

Thanks to each and every one of you who submitted in 2017!

Each year that goes by, this decision gets harder and harder. We have seen so much incredible talent from all over the country, and if we could feature more of you we absolutely would. 

Every submission was viewed with the utmost respect for the hard work that each of you do, and we encourage everyone to stay in contact throughout the year and to apply again in the future.

If you submitted and were not selected, but would still like to attend and network with colleagues and industry, please reach out to us and we would be happy to accommodate. 

Thanks again to all of you, Please keep making this process incredibly hard for us and keep up the great work!

- Sincerely,

The LYAO Production Team