2019 Asheville Comedy Festival Submission


2019 Asheville Comedy Festival Submission


Your submission for the 13th Annual Asheville Comedy Festival

Note: Submission does not guarantee entry to the festival, and all submission fees are non-refundable

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The 13th Annual Asheville Comedy Festival is now accepting submissions from stand up comics! The festival takes place August 7th-10th in beautiful Asheville, NC.

The Asheville Comedy Festival is one of the premiere comedy events in the country. We believe strongly that first and foremost, the festival is about you as performers. This is one of the main reasons we choose to keep this a non-competitive event, and it is one of the largest festivals of its kind in the country. 

Over the course of several nights of packed out shows, you will have the opportunity not only to showcase your talent for industry professionals, but also for a diverse, open-minded audience. We want you to have the opportunity to network and further your career, and have a lot of fun in Asheville while you’re doing it! 


Why we do this festival-

We love comedy! We produce our event for every performer to have the chance to shine and be properly showcased for amazing audiences and real entertainment industry professionals.


Why the submission fee is so reasonably priced-

We keep submission fees on the low end of the spectrum because we believe every comedian should be able to afford to submit themselves for the opportunity to further their careers.  


Why there's no tiered pricing for submissions-

Again, everyone should be able to afford to submit to a festival that could help them in their career.  We intentionally keep our submissions open longer than most because we understand it's an expense to incur and we know many performers work on a budget.  It's the fairest way to do our part. 


Where does the submission money go-

As always from our inception, the submission money goes directly towards bringing in legitimate entertainment professionals from every aspect of the business.  From talent bookers to television executives.  The industry guests are hand chosen and brought in specifically to meet the comics and watch them perform.  We DO NOT use submission money to put on our shows.  That money goes right back to help provide access to potential influential people for your career.  


* - Submission to the festival does not guarantee entry. All submissions are final and non-refundable.