Congratulations, and welcome to the 12th Annual Asheville Comedy Festival! 


Aaron Woodall

Adam Christie

Ali Clayton

Ali Macofsky

Anna and Loren

Anthony Desamito

Bill Lake

Blair Postman

Bret Raybould

Caitlin Peluffo

Chip Nicholson

Chloe Stillwell

Chrissie Mayr

Dan Weeks




Daniel Storrow

Diego Attanasio

Erica Spera

Erik Terrell

Ethan Herschenfeld

Fumi Abe

Gabe Pacheco

Greg Kennedy

Jay Light

Jay Nog

Jen Murphy

Jesse Eigner

Katie Boyle

Ken Miller

Kwasi Mensah

Maher Matta



Maria Wojciechowski

MK Paulsen

Paul Ollinger

Rachel Mac

Regina DeCicco

Robby Leon

Ryan Nasworthy

Shaun Murphy

Susan Jones

Teresa Lee

Tom Peters

Trey Dunn

Willie Simon

Zach Peterson



Thanks to each and every one of you who submitted in 2018!

Each year that goes by, this decision gets harder and harder. We have seen so much incredible talent from all over the country, and if we could feature more of you we absolutely would. 

Every submission was viewed with the utmost respect for the hard work that each of you do, and we encourage everyone to stay in contact throughout the year and to apply again in the future.

If you submitted and were not selected, but would still like to attend and network with colleagues and industry, please reach out to us and we would be happy to accommodate. 

Thanks again to all of you, Please keep making this process incredibly hard for us and keep up the great work!

- Sincerely,

The LYAO Production Team